I woke up this morning and realized that somehow it is already June 13th!! Then I realized that Father’s Day is next Sunday (sound the alarm, I have to no gifts yet and I’m still trying to avoid crowded stores!)  So what do I do when I need something quick….you guessed it Amazon!

I wouldn’t say that I am always that last minute shopper.  I’m either overly prepared (last year I started Christmas shopping in June) or I’m last minute.  Why is there no in between!?  Lately I would say I am definitely more of a last minute everything.  Funny, but I feel like the world slowed down and somehow I felt busier than ever. I guess I’m taking on more projects at home (let’s paint the entire house and raise chickens), with the kids (welcome class, my name is mom and I’m your new teacher), and with work (new blog, keeping the boutique afloat)!  So, Zac, if you’re reading this….give me some slack this year, you have gotten some pretty great presents from me in the past!

Speaking of great presents, before we begin this years must haves for dad, lets think back to past gifts.  I remember Zac’s first father’s day (2007, Madie was still in my belly).  I was so excited and a little corny and made Zac a book all about becoming a dad, I even wrote a note from his future oldest daughter. ( I have to hunt this down now and show him!! ) I thought it was the perfect gift and Zac is very sensitive, I think it made him cry.  Fast forward, I remember surprising him at work with a dancing and singing monkey and balloons and another hand made treasure he can keep at his desk. The kids loved the monkey and Zac kept that at his desk for years (another treasure I’m going to have to dig out of storage!!) Then, I got smart and realized that dads just want anything pertaining to golf,electronics, iphone accessories,and beer (at least that’s what Zac wants).  I definitely still throw in something cheesy (best dad ever tshirt or socks lol), but gone are the days of memory books. Instead, I just have the kids write notes in the sand and surprise him with breakfast on the beach (haha last year I did this at the beach and let him sleep in!)   If you ask Zac a few of his favorite past gifts, they included an iwatch, airpods, beer maker (even though he didn’t ever use it), a new grill, and any golf accessory.

Enough about Zac, let’s help you get your presents and get them quick!! Here is some of Amazon’s top choices for gifts for dad….and they are all available Prime! So stop reading and start shopping!! And next year, can someone please let me know a month before Father’s Day so I can start shopping.

Electronic favorites: What dad doesn’t like to game?  Grab him a nintendo switch and these cute gaming socks (but if you want him to be present at the house maybe do the charging station instead)! 

What dad wouldn’t want to fly a drone with the kids while wearing a Super Dad Tee  (until they go too far and crash it).

Apple Airpods are always a great choice (except when you can’t figure out if they are talking to you or talking on the phone and when they ask you everyday where their airpods are)?!

I think a safe choice this year is an outside speaker. I don’t see any problems there.

Ok,moving on….

Grooming favorites:  With barber shops being closed, how many of you have cut your husbands hair?  We had a hair cutting party one day and let the kids shave his, then he wanted to get fancy and made me watch youtube videos to try to blend the hair.  We bought this All-in-one trimmer and I must say if my fashion career doesn’t pan out, I’m going to beauty school next (honestly, I love cutting hair and used to do my own and my girlfriends so I’m serious!!).  If you’re not so sure about cutting his hair how about an electric razor?  I’m definitely grabbing this because I’m tired of finding short black hairs stuck in my venus razor.  Anyone else?? ( Why can’t you just use the five hundred disposable razors that are clogging up my cabinets?)  Yes…this is definitely getting added to cart!

Golf favorites: I’m going to get to the point here, anything golf will do!!  I’m getting this Putt-A-Bout Putting Green so he stops chipping up my grass!! (Zac, I’m sorry, you are an amazing husband and dad, but I’m finding it very easy to pick on you right now!).

Outdoor favorites:  We just got a blackstone grill, and he is really enjoying it. I would highly recommend. We also got this movie projector last year (I swear it was 1/4 of the price,but anything to do with outdoor entertainment right now is insanely jacked up). I would highly recommend this also.  It has made for some fun nights!  What dad wouldn’t enjoy a portable folding rocking chair?  And the yeti is still a top favorite!

Food and Beer:  Well, I can’t really go wrong in this category.  Anything spicy or pertaining to craft beers is high up there on Zac’s list.  Here are a few of my favorites!  When we travel, we love collecting glasses from new breweries and this USA bottle cap board would be a great idea!

And of course the cheesy dad gifts:  Come on, every dad needs a Best Dad Ever shirt and I’m going to get the Berenstein Bear Book so Kate can practice reading to him!


If you’re not reading this till next Saturday and all else fails, I think any dad would love a homemade card, bacon, sleeping in, and you saying, “Why don’t you go golf this afternoon?”

Happy Fathers Day Zac, and my dad (Ken), and my father-in-law (Tom) and my brother (Justin), and my brother-in-law (John) and all you other dads who work so hard to please your wife and we still can’t stop picking on you!!

To shop any of these gifts, go to my VENNDY link on my homepage and all gift ideas are tagged and listed!!